3 Proven ways to make money online


In this blog, you can read how you can earn money online. Earlier I wrote a blog about how I earn hundreds of euros per month on passive income with affiliate marketing. Here is the 3 Proven ways to make money online.

This article is a practical guide for making money online with your website, Instagram page, or YouTube channel.

In this blog, the following parts will return:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Postpaid content


Many people don’t know that a well-visited website, an Instagram page with thousands of followers, or a well-viewed YouTube video, is a great way to generate passive income.

Don’t have a website, thousands of followers, or a well-watched video? No problem. On this website, we give you tips on how to make your website better and even build a website yourself.

Are you not ready to build your website yet? On www.snelgeldverdienenmet.nl, you can also find many other accessible ways to earn money.

3 Proven ways to make money online

  1. Make money online using affiliate marketing.

Many people don’t know that large companies such as Bol.com, Coolblue, and even the GIRO have so-called partner programs. These partner programs make it possible to earn money with your website or social media channel.


In this world, you are called a ‘publisher’ when you participate in so-called partner programs with your website, for example. Many companies are affiliated with affiliate networks. These are parties that offer software for companies to start with affiliate marketing easily. You also have large companies that have their own partner programs, such as Bol.com. For example, they want more freedom and have enough knowledge to set up a platform themselves.

Below you will find some terms and an example so that you may understand it better.

  1. Publisher: Piekenverdienen.nl – this is the website where you offer content
  2. Advertiser: Bol.com – this is the advertiser who pays the commission.
  3. Networks: This is the network that the advertiser is connected. This can be a private network like at Bol.

Most companies are registered with large networks. The largest and best known in the Netherlands are:

  • Trade tracker
  • Daisycon
  • Awin
  • Pasteurize.

As a publisher (that’s you), you can sign up for free with a partner program or network. After you register, you can register your website with a program. This is done entirely online and is often done within minutes. After a party has approved you, you’ll get access to banner sets, text links with a unique tracking code, or in some cases, even a product feed.

What is an affiliate program?

A partner program is a program where a company like Bol.com offers banners and promotional codes that you can use on your website. After you are approved for a partner program, you can place these banners on your website.

When someone clicks on this banner or text link via your website, Instagram page, or YouTube video, the program registers this. Through a unique tracking code, this program knows that your website has been responsible for sending a visitor to the Bol.com website.

Here is an example of that link:

https://www.bol.com/en/m/blackfriday/?Referrer=ASVNLPPcefdc300cdbf92970050000c44000049993&utm_source= 49997 & utm_medium = Affiliates & utm_campaign = CPS & utm_content = txl

As you can see certain parameters in the URL, for example, which tells Bol.com which website has sent visitors to their website.

The link parses:

  1. Source: the ID of me as a publisher
  2. Medium: Which channel
  3. CPS (cost per sale model)
  4. Content: txl (text link)


With many partner programs, clicks no longer make money these days. You will only receive a reimbursement if someone has bought a product from Bol (or the party that you promote, of course, via your link. This does not always have to be a webshop, such as Bol. You can also register with partner programs where you can use money, for example. Per lead, you will receive this reimbursement when this person has left his name, email address, and telephone number with the relevant advertiser.

You can see an example of the month of November of one of my projects during Black Friday. At my peak, I made $ 600 in one day.

What commission do I receive?

Depending on the product or commission group, you will receive a certain percentage of the purchase amount. At bol.com, this varies from 1 to 7%. For example, you receive a higher commission on clothing than on electronics. Bol simply determines this based on the margin that the company makes.

Calculation example:

  • Purchase: 100 euros
  • Commission group: 5%
  • Commission: 5 euros


Many Partner programs work with graduated scales. This way, you can earn extras in addition to a fixed commission. A good example of this is the friend’s program of Peaks. You receive 5 euros every new user who signs up via your link. With the 5th user, you get a bonus of € 25. This means that you will not receive € 5 per new customer, but € 10.

So very interesting!

  1. Make money online with Google Adsense.


Google Adsense is Google’s affiliate program. You actually rent a part of your website to Google. Google will automatically fill this space with an ad unit. You can find an example of this on one of my websites below.

Under the heading sponsorship, I offer advertising space to Google.

How does Google Adsense work?


As you may know, Google displays both text and banner ads within its interface. They arrange this on the one hand via Google Search but also the Google Display Network.

Advertisers can promote their website through the Google Display Network. So when you make space available on your website, you automatically show advertisements on your website.

How do I make money with AdSense?

So with Google Adsense, you earn money the moment your ads are displayed. This happens when someone visits your website. Simply put: the more visitors your website has, the more interesting Google AdSense can be.

You will be paid based on the following two factors:

  1. RPM: Average yield per 1000 impressions
  2. CPC: Average revenue per click


How is the RPM calculated?

RPM depends on various factors. This depends, among other things, on your website content. Topics that appeal to many advertisers ensure that the price is pushed up. They have to bid against each other to get an ad on your website.

For insurance, this price is really a lot higher than, for example, clothing.



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How is the CPC calculated?

The CPC also depends on this. Yet we see in practice that websites that are less beautiful and against the ‘wrong’ have a higher CPC than with attractive websites.

This has to do with the CTR. The higher the CTR, the more you earn. This is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. With an ugly website, this number is often higher with advertisements. This is simply because they have not found what they are looking for and go to another website via the ad. A website with valuable content ensures that people stay on the page and that the ads do not need to continue browsing.

Strange but true. So think carefully about where you place your script for the advertisements. Do you want to do this as ‘extra income,’ or are advertisements ‘key’ for your website? Remember, your ads should never have the upper hand. Websites with too many ads are punished by Google and may end up lower in the search results.

We call this a Google Penalty.

  1. Have paid content posted

When you have a site with a lot of visitors or a high authority, companies are willing to pay for placement. 

For example, some brands paid me a fee to have a prominent place on one of my Black Friday websites.

How do you determine the amount of commission?

  • Number of visitors
  • Authority of your website
  • Guts

Many visitors are always interested in companies. As a rule of pollex, keep in mind that they often have 5 to 10 euros left per 1000 views. The bigger the brand, the bigger the marketing budget.

The authority of the website is a complicated factor. I will come back to this again during a separate blog. In short, Google gives priority in the search results to websites with high authority. This authority is determined based on the number of qualitative links to your website.

When your website is considered an authority, companies are willing to pay several hundred euros for a blog article and a link on your website.

You also have guts. You will, of course, have to negotiate. Do you go for a soft price so that they agree 100%, or do you get the most out of it with the chance of a failed deal?


Actively promote your paid content.

If you want to actively promote your website to get paid content, I have four tips here.

  1. View this Facebook page. Many people want to trade links. Some also have a budget available.
  2. Take a look at Sitedeals.nl – Here, you can put your website in the spotlight.
  3. Linkpizza – A platform for influencers & brands. A kind of marketplace where advertiser & publisher come together
  4. Up – A platform where marketing agencies search for links for their customers. Payment guaranteed.

proven ways to make money online

What many people don’t know is that a well-visited website, an Instagram page with thousands of followers, or a well-viewed YouTube video is a great way to generate passive income.Proven ways to make money online

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