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SQLi Dumper v10.1: SQLi Dumper is the most popular checking tool. Some people know it as a pen-testing tool. Here is the latest version of the SQLi Dumper. It Released with some extra features. Description: A tool to scan and find vulnerable websites. Features: -Supports Multi. Online search engine (to […]

SQLi Dumper v9.9.6 SQLi Dumper 9.9.6 is a new version. Some bug fixed in the previous version of SQLi Dumper, as well as some features added in this version. More result can grab this version of SQLi Dumper through its powerful search module. Using this version is very easy than […]


TSP Dork generator TSP Dork generator is the Dork creation tool that Dork can use in any checking tool. It can generate better Dorks for SQLi Dumper as a searching/scanning Dorks. These Dorks can use in other checking tools. Usually, Google’s traditional Dorks do not give good results in SQLi […]

Ultimate URL Scraper by Cyb3rNuX Scraping a site Open the positioning that you want to scrape. Create Sitemap The first thing you’d prefer to attempt to do when creating a sitemap is specifying the start URL. This is usually the URL of which the scraping will begin. You’ll also specify […]

https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/361797a05d1c8f51e226350ea975cd1619fdb6f79e0604a88f8b53bcdb6d6f31/detection Download

  https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/44c51e614f4be5d24f85f9e774a07a47c642663a6ad577856016104f462cd510/detection Download

SQLi Dumper v.7 – Tool to find bugs errors or vulnerabilities in MySQL database Functions: SQL Injection Operation System Function Dump Database Extract Database Schema Search Columns Name Read File (read only) Create File (read only) Brute Table & Column Download